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jennifer [userpic]
New Fave Raves
by jennifer (jenn_xx)
at November 17th, 2005 (12:44 am)

I've been out scoping the latest and greatest and I just can't get enough of the hot stuff out there.

items I carry on my person:

*Stila It Gloss in Amazing, $18. I always feel like Audrey Hepburn just after applying this.

*Benefit Bad Gal Lash, $18
(The wand is comparable to Dior Show, but the product doesn't flake)

*Zirh Restore Herbal Under Eye Cream, $24. It's light and has a nice scent. I'm getting old and I can't afford not to take care of my delicate eye area.

*Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Flirtini. It's a groovy lavendar shade. Becca is a great line for the sisters out there. It has foundations, concealers, powders, stick foundations, and cream blushes for women of colour that match several women of colour. My point is if you can't find a shade, Becca may have it for you.

*Bourjois (same house as Chanel) Effet 3D Brilliant Lipgloss, #6 Mauve Oceanic, around $15.

*Sephora's new Lemon Drop Body Lotion, part of set of 3 for $25. Other flavors are Cosmopolitan and Minty Mohito. That's What I'm TALKING ABOUT!!

*Allison Rafaelle Soft Shadow in Amethyst, $16ish. Allison used to work under the divine Miss Bobbi Brown.

Okay, I don't always carry this much makeup, but I just happen to have it in my bag.