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jennifer [userpic]
Listen UP Men
by jennifer (jenn_xx)
at December 8th, 2005 (02:38 am)

Originally uploaded by jen-x.
Anthony logistics is the top-selling men's skincare line in the US. I love their mostly-natural product line.

I am here using the Red Clay Mask that helps rid your skin of nasty toxins. It was quite a religious experience.

Their algae cleansing gel smells fabulous and does wonders for keeping your skin fresh and sexy.

A portion of the product's proceeds goes to help find a cure for Prostrate Cancer, so it is a gift that you can give that also gives to others.

The Anthony Essentials Kit for $40 is a great treat complete with a bar of soap, eye gel, Glycolic Cleanser, and many other wonderful treats and comes in a round plastic jar.

The Shave Set $50 is very very good. If you use the Pre-Shave Oil three minutes before shaving it will help the hairs stand up on your face and allow the pores to open up for a closer shave.

The Shave Cream is fab and I believe it also comes with a moisturizer.

If you use an electric shaver, there is also a pre-shave potion that helps to prep your skin for the razor as well.

There are so many wonderful things about this line, I could go on and on.
They have body cleansers in citrus and eucalyptus.

Their oil-free moisturizer has SPF 15 and is yummy. Buy some Anthony Logistics Today!!! If you purchase $75 or more on
http://www.sephora.com you will get free shipping and your gift will arrive just in time.