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jennifer [userpic]
lip service
by jennifer (jenn_xx)
at November 9th, 2005 (12:29 pm)
current song: Mos Def/Ghetto Rock

My favorite new gloss is the latest installment of Sephora's Piiink! line. Yes with three i's. Lest one may get it confused with Victoria Secret's line of so-pink-their nauseating everything Pink panties, tees, etc. (which also has a fragrance and Lotion).

But back to the gloss.You have to say it in a high-pitched voice and e-nunnn-see-ate the ii's. Piiink!!

This little gloss is only seven dollars. Hardly a purchase to contemplate. I can understand if you're buying Lipfusion's Plumping Gloss for $38, but at $7, it is a purchase that is DONE.

Now there are five delicious flavours and they are Fig, Apricot, Vanilla, Coconut and Bayberry. I prefer Fig, although it does have sparkles. I believe I should be over wearing sparkle gloss at my ripe old age of 30. But upon recondering it, I say "Why Not?" I can be fancy. In fact I think I'll be wearing sparkly lip gloss when I'm 63.