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jennifer [userpic]
what oil shortage?
by jennifer (jenn_xx)
at November 7th, 2005 (11:39 pm)

Sometimes you need to take time to smell the coffee. Or roses. Or even essential peppermint oils. By going to a natural health food store, I discovered the wonderful world of supplements, oils, and potions that are natural and good for you.

I'm not vegan but I can go to a natural food store and spend an hour in there discovering all of the amazing lines. I started buying organic peanut butter. It tastes good but you have to stir it up. As a child who grew up in a house of nothing organic (read: Alphabits for breakfast, Macaroni and Cheese for lunch), it is now in my early thirties that I am just beginning to realize the positive aspects of shopping organic. I love sugar, caffeine and grease, I'm an American. So I used to run the other direction from the "organic aisle" for fear of my taste buds slipping into a coma.

But I started meeting more groovy people like Jen the Latino Center Director, and Nancy the Massage Therapist and realized that these people who strive to help others in life also know a thing or two about taking care of themselves.

A Silent Trend Among those in-the-Know
Once I was in a taxi and three out of four of us were carrying peppermint oil on our persons. I had bought mine at Life Grocery in Marietta (http://www.lifegrocery.com). I chose Auracacia Pure Aromatherapy (http://www.auracacia.com). It was inexpensive and the packaging was pleasing to the eye.

Taken directly from Auracacia's site:

"The primary constituent of peppermint oil is menthol, which causes a physical reaction when inhaled or applied to the skin. Menthol produces an immediate and pronounced sensation of coolness which the body reacts to quite strongly, producing its own "warming effect" as blood flows into the area of application. This physical sensation impresses the senses as a "medicinal" effect and is partially responsible for peppermint's long history of use as medicine. Today menthol is often found in sports creams and chest rubs."

I started huffing it when I got stressed out at a job and I would dilute it and put it at the base of my neck (the atlas). If you don't dilute it, you get burned and it stings for a while. As a matter of fact, I put some on now and it's like a subtle reminder that helps cancel away the stresses of the day. So the next time you can't stop thinking about what an idiot you made of yourself in front of that handsome hottie, just dab on some oil and let it go. As they say in some hindu chants, "Let Go and Let God."

The most exciting thing is that there are so many other wonderful oils to try like Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Neroli. Maybe I'll start my own oil library.

Angelica Archangelica sounds like a cool new band, but it's really a nap in a bottle.
Check out Skyn Iceland's Anti-Stress Oral Spray with you-guessed-it, Angelica Archangelica. Spray three squirts of the sweet-tasting goodness under your tongue and in minutes you will feel your mood completely altered. It says it's like taking a nap without lying down. Give me some of that pronto for $25, you can't go wrong. http://www.skyniceland.com


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